Feb 17, 2011

Dec 15, 2010


pantomime - wordless acting . the purpose of this assignment was to convey or tell a story without any audio or expressions but just through the body language . i was fun 'cos we had never done anything like this before.

pushing a heavy object

this assignment was aimed at showing weight for an object . it was also our body mechanics assignment with hands , 'cos the previous assignment was done without hands. it still needs to be tweaked .

walk cycle reworked

i extended the previous walk cycle to make it 97 frames , so that the character exits the screen. also hav added eye blinks to this one

run cycle

this was a warm up assignment that we had to do in college before getting into theme jump.


There was a time in hostel when we all were obsessed with playing fugdi!..So this is just smthing i made in memory of that